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A flood of private communication from multiple sources that cause sensory overload in the recipient, rendering him or her unable to carry on any of the multiple conversations in a timely manner. So named because in early MMORPGs (such as Everquest) which emphasized such social interaction, the command to send a private message to another user was /tell.
(17:44)OrcMan tells you, "Hey, you coming to the raid tonight?"
(17:44)GoblinGirl tells you, "Where you been?"
(17:44)WitchCrafter tells you "Hey, you there?"
(17:45)Guildleader tells you "What's the deal with OfficerX?"
(17:45)You shout, "ARGH! I'm in TELL HELL!"
by GasBandit October 28, 2008
An image (sometimes literally, in drawing/artwork form) of a person's online alter ego. Not who you are in real life, but what you project onto the net. Often much more attractive, mysterious, alluring, and sociable than your real life self. Frequently illustrated in various states of undress and possibly carrying a weapon.

A portmanteau of "internet" and "persona."
In the real world, I'm just some socially awkward dork... but online, my netsona is xXxLordThrillKillxXx, a weightlifting quiet loner with a troubled past who might or might not have killed someone, you never know. Here's a picture of him.
by GasBandit January 26, 2012
Apparently, a euphemism for gay sex among those not yet out of the closet, looking for others like them.
"That guy just asked me if I wanted to trade shoes with him... what the hell was that all about?"

"It means he wanted to have sex with you but didn't know if you were gay or not."
by GasBandit September 14, 2009

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