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103 definitions by Gary

1. An acronym for "Popular".

2. A type of music which has been created in order to target a specific demographic which is most likely to buy the music; This is currently 8-16 year olds. Pop is really a sub-genre of many other genres (such as R&B, Punk, Rap), however songs are usually written using no more than four chords, following an "ABABCB" pattern of verse, chorus and instrumental. Also it is rare for a pop band to write their own songs, instead having their songs written by some Music College proffessional song writer. Another important part of pop music is image; generally, boy bands/artists tend to look "sexy" and like "bad boys", whilst girl bands/artists tend to be "rebels" against society. However, it is important to note that it is rarely what the artist/band is really like.

3. Bands of other genre's (e.g. Rock, dance) may become pop when they hit the mainstream. This is usually because they have been successful enough in their own genres for concert and album sales for their record companies to use them in the charts to earn a lot more money. The major differences between commercial pop bands and those which "find their way" into pop are that that they usually DO write their own songs, create their own image, even play their own instruments... but can relish in the fact that they don't have to. This music is usually much better, too.

4. Can be used as an acronym for genre's

5. A type of carbonated soft drink. Usually fizzy.
1. "Whoa look at that bloke, he's so pop"
2. Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Mcfly, Busted are all pop bands.
3. Green Day are a good example of this - They've managed to appeal to the mainstream as well as their old fans.
4. Pop-Rock, Pop-Punk
5. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Tizer
by Gary April 24, 2005
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1. A person of very low wits


2. A person who looks incredibly dumb


3. A combination of both 1 and 2
"Why did Bob climb in the bailer? God damn he is a downtard!"

"Did you see Elliot drop his lunch tray today? I swear, I have never seen a bigger downtard."
by Gary October 06, 2004
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1) a chick who is a combination of fat and ugly.

2) a chick who was a fat lay.
geezz what a pharlei...
by Gary May 02, 2005
7 3
Always manages to do things that make your life harder. Works with Someone Else, but parents refer to Mister Nobody more often.
"Oh, so I suppose Mister Nobody ate the last cookie!"
by Gary April 24, 2005
6 2
Always manages to screw everything up in your life. Also works with Mister Nobody
TV's broke? Someone else did it!
by Gary April 24, 2005
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pharlei pron. far~lay
1. Combination of a chick who is both fat and ugly, hence the sound of fat and ugly in one word nearly sounds like pharlei.

2. A chick who was a fat lay.
I had a pharlei last night, it's name was Nicky.

My mates told me to take the hit and jump on the grenade, but instead I ended up with a pharlei and wish I hadn't, cept if my name was Gary it would be like christmas.

I always go for the phalei's cos then i'm guaranteed action.

I was so stoked that I hooked up with a pharlei, it must be my lucky night.
by Gary April 23, 2005
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the nicer way of saying cunt
Vicki has the best tasting and nicest looking poononi i've ever gotten my wang on.
by Gary December 05, 2004
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