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A white person or any person that is not black who can jump, run, talk , pimp hoes, deal drugs, smoke rocks, and pop caps like a black person. Often reffered to as "crazy white boy". Comes from ebonics.
Muhammed: Man that white boy Jim crossed me up and broke my ankles while weez wuz playin ball, he be a Quantum Negro.
by Garrett Ward January 07, 2005
to thoroughly rub a tummy. the word orgintates from canada
Tina: bob sure gave me a good woofoo
Jill: i got woofoed good the other day
by Garrett Ward January 07, 2005
A phenomenon in which an entire culture and it's media turn to Hip Hop as the leader of the trends and styles that the culture conceives.
America is under the act of negrophorium.
by Garrett Ward January 07, 2005

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