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A manly sandwich, including lots of meat.
I made an awesome Mandwich yesterday!
by Garlickson August 06, 2009
An Indian Leprechaun, who will try to sell you stuff. They are also believed to know telekinesis.
Oh my god! I just saw an Indian Leprechaun!


Yes he read my mind and wanted to sell me pornography!
by Garlickson August 06, 2009
A person with a small penis.
"That guy has a phelis"
Unlucky for him!
by Garlickson August 06, 2009
A Magician who is under the influence of crack cocaine and believes he can do many different things.
A really lame magician at a children's party.


A common insult.
*In a crack den in south london*
Uhhhh that crack was good! Now watch me disperse into the mist!

Man that guy is a crack magician!


*At a Childrens party*
Tah daaaa! The ring is now GONE! :D

*Parents after*
That was rubbish! I could see the ring on the floor behind him!

Yeah he was a crack magician.


*in the playground*

IM soo cool :D !!!
No you aint you crack magician!
by Garlickson October 25, 2009
A Group or a Person who is Bisexual, and thinks they are special and deserve all the attention and praise of everyone around them.
Hey Im gay and straight! everyone!
Shut up you bisexual hero!

Oi! Look there is a group of bisexual heroes!
by Garlickson October 25, 2009

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