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The English form of shufti (arabic for look / take a look)

Originally RAF but later Army also, shufty or shufti became taking a look for possible dangers.
Back home, it was used simply for having a quick look (Am. checking out)
"Whilst researching ships I came across an interesting site and took a quick shufty"

"Take a shufty at this URL" (Am. Check it out)
by Gari July 30, 2005
pedantic, analy retentive, from the root - to 'pick nits', meaning to pick up small and possibly irrelevant or unimportant details
Charles was always picking nits and complaining about the cleanliness of the squat. Personally I think he is being too pernickity.
by Gari May 08, 2003
(Aus) Bicycle.

Australian expression for push-bike
"Catchyalayda mate. I'll be round on my deadly treadly"
by Gari July 30, 2005
Aus. slang
Four wheel drives that never leave the bitumen. Mostly found on the Mornington Peninsula but occuring in other parts of Australia:
"Those wankatank drivers should all have to undergo appropriate training to be licenced to drive."
by Gari July 30, 2005
RAF wartime slang for Cockpit cover.
"Couldn't get the greenhouse open"
by Gari July 30, 2005
RAF Slang
Coastal Command Aircraft which convoyed
fishing fleets in the North and Irish Seas.
"He's out on a kipper kite run today"
by Gari July 30, 2005
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