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U.P Prince - Man from the Upper Peninsula. Age: 20 to early 40s. Uneducated, yet somehow builds an empire from the ground up, typically in the areas of construction, landscaping, or auto repair. His chariots are ATVs, snowmobiles, and motorcross bikes. Most commonly has a U.P. Princess for whom they buy a beauty salon, or those of lesser stature simply work at a beauty salon. Attire consists of Ski-doo jackets, tapered jeans, and a mouthful of chew. Diet consists of pasties, Coors light, and venison. He is a Prince, and the U.P. is his kingdom, with his castle residing in Soo Hill. Subkingdoms referred to as “camps
I just saw my U.P. Prince fillin' up his quad at the gas station. Holy wa! His Fox Racing jacket looked sooo hot on him!
#upper peninsula #hick #snowmobile #hillbilly #redneck #pasty #deer #venison #beer #chewing tobacco #hair salon
by Gargamel14 March 02, 2008
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