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A parody that uses an already existing parody of a certain subject.
Paroding "Metal Gear Awesome" (maybe using the audio) with any anime or machinima footages for a Parody Parody. (That's if they ask permission first so it doesn't get remove from YouTube for Copyright Infringement and/or your account suspended or removed/deleted).

Making a Parody Parody by using whatever animated clips you have with the audio from "Red vs. Blue" (even purchasing the DVD(s) containing the episodes).
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by GanicoGSx August 07, 2009
From putting the words "fad" and "anime" together. It means an anime or a series that gets adapted into one that starts or starts up a quick and high popularity. TV Tokyo had aired some of these kinds of anime starting in Japan.

Medabots - Oriinally started out as a video game. It was adapted into a two season anime with the same name and a sequal anime, Medabots Spirit. They revolve around customizable robots with A.I.(Artificial Intelligence). It's one of my favorite anime.

Beyblade - Adapted from a Manga about spinning tops. Created by Takao Aoki, which his work is mostly around toys and games.

Bakugan - An anime series that's produced by TMS Entertainment and Japan Vistec and directed by Director Mitsuo Hashimoto. It's adapted into a strategy game with the same name by Sega and Spin Master.
#fad #anime #medabots #beyblade #bakugan #tokyo
by GanicoGSx March 30, 2009
Randime (ランディメ Randime)

A term that is used for anime pictures or videos are being used in an unorganized fasion.

It's simpy implied contract the words Random and Anime.

Random + Anime = Randime
Todd: Hey Ler, "random anime" is sure very long to say. Is there a shortening for it?

Ler: Sure thing Todd, it's called randime.
#random #anime #manga #videogames #youtube #nico nico douga #dailymotion
by GanicoGSx August 08, 2009
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