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A parody that uses an already existing parody of a certain subject.
Paroding "Metal Gear Awesome" (maybe using the audio) with any anime or machinima footages for a Parody Parody. (That's if they ask permission first so it doesn't get remove from YouTube for Copyright Infringement and/or your account suspended or removed/deleted).

Making a Parody Parody by using whatever animated clips you have with the audio from "Red vs. Blue" (even purchasing the DVD(s) containing the episodes).
by GanicoGSx August 07, 2009
From putting the words "fad" and "anime" together. It means an anime or a series that gets adapted into one that starts or starts up a quick and high popularity. TV Tokyo had aired some of these kinds of anime starting in Japan.

Medabots - Oriinally started out as a video game. It was adapted into a two season anime with the same name and a sequal anime, Medabots Spirit. They revolve around customizable robots with A.I.(Artificial Intelligence). It's one of my favorite anime.

Beyblade - Adapted from a Manga about spinning tops. Created by Takao Aoki, which his work is mostly around toys and games.

Bakugan - An anime series that's produced by TMS Entertainment and Japan Vistec and directed by Director Mitsuo Hashimoto. It's adapted into a strategy game with the same name by Sega and Spin Master.
by GanicoGSx March 30, 2009
Randime (ランディメ Randime)

A term that is used for anime pictures or videos are being used in an unorganized fasion.

It's simpy implied contract the words Random and Anime.

Random + Anime = Randime
Todd: Hey Ler, "random anime" is sure very long to say. Is there a shortening for it?

Ler: Sure thing Todd, it's called randime.
by GanicoGSx August 08, 2009

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