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(v.) To make sweet, triangular love to three out of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles during a storm of Scrabble pieces.
person 1: "Want to go empelscrabulate in the sewers tonight--Leonardo can't come."

person 2: "Only if the Scrabble pieces don't fall in my eye."
by Gangardo August 13, 2006
The act of scoring higher than the Pope at Centipede whilst devouring a baby-themed lampshade.
"Dude, I grampaslacks your score, Mr. John Paul...and this lampshade tastes NASTY!"
by Gangardo August 10, 2006
A reaction of confusion and questioning; shock from nonsense.
person 1: "Go callibrate the godzilla soup."

person 2: "huba-ja-wha?"
by Gangardo August 13, 2006
Excessively beautiful; gorgeous beyond compare.
"That red-head is gardoopalous."
by Gangardo August 11, 2006
(noun) 1. A happenin' jivesville, dig?
2. Something you gotta get with, kid.
"This is the 30s, kid, get with da times."
by Gangardo September 29, 2006
(v.) The act of dealing Cheetos to an underage, cancerous Jellyfish.
"I know its dangerous but I can't stop bumpin babies with those poor invertabrate snack food lovers."
by Gangardo August 13, 2006
(noun) 1. A villa where everything is black and white and all wives deserve a beating.
2. Where the Honeymooners rule supreme and the sight of a foot gives a man an erection.
"Bang, zoom, straight to the Jivesville general hospital, Alice!"
by Gangardo September 29, 2006
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