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The word that has been made up to describe the act of making up words. Comes from the Latin words for "word" (verbum) and "make" (facere).
This sort of verbofaction is absolutely untolerable.
by Gammastar September 19, 2008
Schmucky the Cat created Earth, the universe, and everything else Last Thursday, as taught in Last Thursdayism. Everything we remember seeing, hearing, doing, etc. is just an illusion created by Schmucky to fool us into thinking we have a past. It is not fully understood why Schmucky did this, but it is possible that he did not want us to know of his existence.
Excerpt from the first chapter of the first book of The Holy Chronicles of Schmucky:

1. Last Thursday, the almighty Schmucky the Cat didst create all things. 2. And after he didst so, he looked upon his creation and said, “Hey, I did a pretty good job!”
by Gammastar April 30, 2008

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