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A monster that is a fusion between a rooster and a goblin
This monster has a goblin head and a rooster body.
Run! Here comes the Cock Goblin!
by Gameritz July 10, 2008
when playing an fps game and you have a weapon that has a scope and your kill someone with said weapon without using the scope.
Omfg! Dood! 'What?' scope refrination with the rockets!
by Gameritz July 10, 2008
the act of not using
so i was all like all remote refrination cause i couldn't find the remote
by Gameritz July 10, 2008
When a person gets emotional about having to spend any amount of money and then becomes overy cheap to solve the problem.
Wife: Honey can you get me some tampons

Husband: Uhhh Uhhh SHIT! Babe, we still have some paper towels you can use!

Wife: Wow! Your'e a centsative fuck!
by Gameritz October 20, 2010
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