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PTKFGS stands for "Punch the Keys for God's sake!" It is a reference to the 2001 film Finding Forrester in which Sean Connery tells his student the above quote before saying, "Yes, yes! You're the man now dog!"

PTKFGS originated as a fad on the cult website ytmmd.com or "You're the man now dog dot com" which features webpages usually dipicting arguably humerous background image and background music. PTKFGS was started when a user created a page depciting an alternate universe of what ytmnd.com might have been had the website creator chosen the former quote rather than the ytmnd latter. As a result users took previous existing pop culture fads and slightly altered the imagery to create a distinct "alternate dimensional" parallel.

The fad lasted for sometime with many humerous spawnings.
Instead of having Ronald McDonald scream "LOL, Internet" with heavy techno music in the background, PTKFGS features Colonel Sanders screaming, "OMG, Internet" with different heavy techno. Thus it is a humerous deviation from the original YTMND version. Genius.
by Gallius March 19, 2006

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