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5 definitions by Gaia

A hot vampire.
Spike can spike me anyday.
by Gaia March 29, 2003
person who holds people's shoulder as they speak close to him but gives automatic detentions for unsigned documents.

someone strictly erect.
yo man. stop being such a hollenbach.
by Gaia April 18, 2005
He wants to be just like Lucon.
Why can't I, Ayokano, be just like Lucon?!? :gonk:
by Gaia March 26, 2005
A Jewish form of mysticism, its sad that people like madonna screwed it up and now everyone hates it.
Thanks alot, Madonna, Kaballah, for making the Jews COOL. Yea, right.
by Gaia March 04, 2005
My name! I do play go gaia as well.
Hello, my name is gaia.
by Gaia May 26, 2004