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A non gender specific term for the normal results acheived by a chronic poor performer. Normally someone in a management position that workers assume "must be sleeping with or sucking someone" to have kept their job as long as they have.

The shorten version of:
FEMALE- she won't do it doggy style or get on top, missonary only. If she is involved, she is going to be fucking up.
MALE- he won't do it doggy style or get on top, cowgirl only. If he is involved, he is going to be fucking up.
How did it go out there today?

(insert any name) set this up, so everything was fucked up, really No Doggy Style.
by Gadwall September 27, 2011
the acronym for Can't Understand Normal Thinking, used as a derogatory term for a women who have little common sense or a loose grasp on reality.
Why did that CUNT donate money to PETA?
by gadwall August 03, 2011
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