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A Phone Made By Motorola. Pretty Much Became A Symbol To Represent All Cell Phones, As You Will See It Shown On Ringtone Commercials. When It Came Out Nearly Everybody Got It And Thought It Was The Best Phone Ever. After About A Year Everyone Got Tired Of It And Now Think That It's Crap.
September 12, 2006,

John: Dude I Got That New RAZR Phone!

Mike: No Way, I Heard That Phone Is The Shit!

July 3, 2009,

Mike: Hey, I Need To Borrow Your Phone Real Quick.

John: Okay. *hands over RAZR*

Mike: You Still Have This Piece Of Shit? *throws phone on ground*
#motorola #razr #cell phone #ringtone #2006 #2009
by GadgetFlow July 10, 2009
It Comes To My Attention That Some People Don't Seem To Know Much About Great Rappers/Hip Hop Artists, And There's Alot Missing, So Here Is My List. If I Think Of Any Later I'll Add Them. These Are In No Particular Order, Living Or Dead.

Individual Artists

-Notorious B.I.G.
-Lupe Fiasco
-Andre 3000
-Big Boi
-Chuck D
-Rev Run
-Jam-Master Jay
-Fonzworth Bentley
-Snoop Dogg
-Dr. Dre
-Cory Gunz
-Bobby Creekwater
-Stat Quo
-Obie Trice
-Slick Rick
-LL Cool J
-Soulja Slim
-Mike D
-Mix Master Mike
-Method Man
-Ol' Dirty Bastard
-Talib Kweli
-Mos Def
-Busta Rhymes
-Will Smith
-Nate Dogg
-Black Thought
-?uestlove (Questlove)
-Erykah Badu
-Swifty McVay
-Kid Cudi

Rap/Hip Hop Groups

-The Firm
-The Roots
-Public Enemy
-Run D.M.C.
-Beastie Boys
-Wu-Tang Clan
-Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
-The Black Eyed Peas
Mainstream Rap Retard: "Dude, Have You Heard The New Soulja Boy Album? It's The Shit!"

Me: "Umm, No That Guy Sucks. Why Don't You Listen To Some Dre?"

Him: "Who?"

Me: "What?! Dre? The Chronic? Tupac Maybe? All Eyez On Me? The Roots? Anything? These Are Some Of THE Best Rappers Of All Time!"

Him: "What Are You Talking About?"
*listens to some real hip hop*
"Oh My God Please Throw Away My iPod With All That Other Crap!"
#real hip hop #rap #hip hop #music #classics
by GadgetFlow July 06, 2009
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