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A combination of today and again.
Tammy: Bye Alina
Alina: Ahhh I'll never see you again!
Tammy: What are you talking about I'll see you tomorrow
Alina: Yea but I'll never see you today again
Gaby: Nooo I won't see you togain
by Gabyrocks September 05, 2009
When a girl is wearing a skirt and you pull it up.
Tammy walks by wearing a skirt.

Gaby: Hi Tammy *pulls her skirt up*
Tammy: Ahhhh!!!
Gaby: You just got skirted
by Gabyrocks August 29, 2009
Taylor therapy. Constantly listening to Taylor Swift.
Eva: Are we going to listen to Taylor Swift?
Gaby: Chyea I'm in need of some Talerapy.
by Gabyrocks September 05, 2009
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