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Plural of Nebulous
A group of cool people or all cool people in general can be reffered to as nebuli
by Gabs Sims-Fewer November 24, 2006
Noun: An inferior person, assuming lower status than a nebulous; commonly found in servitude of nebuli and often strongly persecuted by them. Often used as an insult i.e "you're such a doobulous". Also commonly abbreviated to "doob".
Any weird, pathetic, sad or uncool person can be classed as a doobulous.
by Gabs Sims-Fewer November 24, 2006
A superior or cool person; assuming higher status than the doobuli. People in control, respected greatly by peers and looked up to jealously by doobs.
A nebulous is anyone considered to be cool.
by Gabs Sims-Fewer November 24, 2006
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