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Hollister is a store that sells southern Cali beachy wear. All you people that say anyone who shops there is a sucker for super high prices for stupid clothing that all say hollister across the chest (most of there stuff does not,) well you should maybe get to know the people that shop there and some of us actually are educated bright people - not all dumb blondes. Why don't you actually go into the store or visit the website and see wat the clothes LOOK like instead of just being freakin' biased cuz you think its cool, it's not! And you're not going to make more friends that way, just a hell lot more enemies. If we wnt to wear the clothing LET US WEAR IT!!!!!
Sara: Cool skirt Rachel!
Rachel: Thanks
Rebecca: Why te hell do you guys wear that crap? It's from Holliser!
Sara: You don't need to put people down to make you feel better about yourself.
Rebecca: Whatever
by Gabbs June 27, 2005

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