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Awesome Noise Metal band from Nashville. Have played with well known bands like Mastadon and Lamb of God
Today is the day rocks!
by GaaraoftheDamned September 23, 2012
An Alternative Rock/Britpop band active from 1991 to 2009, fronted by brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher. Hit the big time in 1995 with the album "(What's the Story) Morning glory" and the song "Wonderwall". Other good songs include "Supersonic", "Champagne Supernova", and "The Shock of the lightning". Sadly, brotherly love wasn't always present in the band, and the last few years became less about music and more about Liam and Noel trying to one up each other (though their last album, 2008's "Dig out your soul" was pretty good), which lead to the band's breakup in Fall 2009. Noel started his own project while the other members and Liam started the band Beady Eye.
Oasis was a good band. It's too bad Liam and Noel couldn't work out their differences too well.
by Gaaraofthedamned November 30, 2011
Legendary Classic Rock band, a major staple of Hard Rock, with a small touch of Heavy Metal (you seriously expect me to believe "Thunderstruck" isn't Metal?). Lead by the powerful guitar work of Angus Young with the raw, powerful vocals of Brian Johnson (Bon Scott was the leader of the band until his death in 1980 from alcohol poisoning (or something like it)). Notable songs include "Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap", "Highway to Hell", "Back in Black", "Hells Bells", "Thunderstruck", and most recently "Rock N Roll Train".
Long live AC/DC!!! \m/
by Gaaraofthedamned November 27, 2011
1. Something intended so that all members of the family, little kids, older kids (ages 10-teen) kids, parents, and grandparents can enjoy.

2. Codeword used by conservative nutjobs to ban gay rights/marriage, prevent Marijuana legalization, outlaw most Rock music, Heavy Metal and Rap, or at least get it censored, make video games age-restricted, try to get multiple shows and movies like South Park, Beavis and Butthead, Pokemon, and the Harry Potter movies banned or restricted, and shove religion down everyone's throats.
1. We had my young cousins over last night and had to sit through a Family-Friendly movie. Honestly it wasn't that bad and it was a lot more pleasant than school.

2. Conservative nutjob: Thanks to our efforts, we are on the way to creating a more family-friendly nation full of war but free from homosexuality, harmless drugs that would help our economy, music, and anything else that does not promote christianity unto everyone
by Gaaraofthedamned July 08, 2011
A Chicago based record label formed in 1978, famous for signing early Industrial music acts including, but not limited to Ministry, KMFDM, and My life with the thrill kill kult. Very little remains of the original label after it went Bankrupt in 1992 and was purchased by TVT records, although a store with connections to the original Chicago label still operates in Denver.
Mark is really fond of old Wax Trax Industrial music.
by Gaaraofthedamned May 05, 2011
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal supergroup made up of Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano of Anthrax, Keith Buckley and Josh Newton of Every Time I Die, and Joe Thorman and Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy, formed in 2010. They released their debut album "Ironiclast" and the first single "We've got a situation here" in Dec. 2010.
John went to see The Damned Things and was very impressed-and he doesn't even like Fall Out Boy or Anthrax.
by Gaaraofthedamned January 25, 2011
The debut studio album from Fightstar. The album is a concept album largely based upon the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, as well as personal experiences of the band's members. Notable tracks from the album include "Grand Unification Pt. 1" and "Pt. 2" and "Hazy Eyes".
Greg puts Grand Unification by Fightstar as his all-time favorite album.
by Gaaraofthedamned January 23, 2011

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