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That oh so sweet first cup of coffee in the morning.
Wake up! You look terrible, here cuppa diem (and hands over a fresh coffee)
by GWMcL July 30, 2015
Not Safe For Pants. One step further than nsfw. So hot it's not safe to wear pants while watching.
- Is it safe for work?
- No way dude, it's nsfpants!
by GWMcL January 16, 2012
An ad or notice printed with phone numbers written vertically at the bottom on tearable tags and tacked up on noticeboards, shop windows, etc.

Named for the phone number strips' resemblance to a jellyfish's tentacles, and because the pages appear to be floating on the wall/noticeboard/window like jellyfish in the ocean.

Also known as space invaders, especially when there get to be too many of these notices in one place.
I got the number for a great share house off this jellyfish on a post at uni.
by GWMcL December 12, 2010
Learning things from you tube tutorials.
Evan don't pull the kitchen apart, you don't know the first thing about renovations!
What you talkin bout? I spent the week at Youtubiverisity.

Jack's in hospital, whatever made him think he could train attack dogs??
by GWMcL November 04, 2010
Dude use a tissue, I don't wanna get sprayed with head cum.
by GWMcL July 11, 2010
Wedding etiquette.
It is good confettiquette not to boil the rice before you throw it at a wedding.
by GWMcL September 25, 2010
A stronger version of "you can't be serious", which can be subtle enough to pass without notice or delivered straight.
Boss: I'm cutting your hours back cos you slack off.
Jane: You cunt be serious.

Jack: I'm leaving you to marry your sister.
Shirley: Surely you cunt be serious.
Jack: I am serious, so don't call me Shirley.
by GWMcL January 30, 2011
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