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"P71" refers to the three characters in the VIN number of a the Ford Crown Victoria sedan. In other words, "P71" defines the car as a "Police Interceptor." The P71 is manufactured with heavy duty parts, dual exhaust, faster engine, etc.
2004 Ford Crown Victoria LX: 2FAFP74WX4X147971

2000 P71: 2FAFP71W4YX148656
by GUNDY October 24, 2004
Short for "Intrepid" when referring to the Dodge Intrepid sedan.
"I made a nice kill against a Stang with my Trep last night!"
by GUNDY December 02, 2003
the day of the week when people, specifically college students go out to drink liquor
Thirsty Thursday tonight!
by GUNDY November 05, 2003
Make of car that has officialy reentered making police cars with its 2002 Intrepid due to Ford not improving upon its Crown Victoria. (follow-up to 'tradesman')
"Holy shit! A Trep is pulling me over!"
by GUNDY December 02, 2003
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