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Getting high on top of the famous Stone Mountain, located in Stone Mountain, GA. This does not count getting high around stone mountain, only at the top. Provides a great view of Greater ATL. Gwinnett county stand up.
Harry- Dude, where do you wanna smoke this blunt?

Jason- Idk man, I can't smoke in my car again my parents are getting suspicious.

Harry- we can go to stone mountain, I have a pass.

jason- you mean....stoned mountain??

harry- wow your guay, but ok lets go
#stone mountain #atlanta #gwinnett #lilburn #marijuana
by GTharry October 09, 2009
Have a 40 oz of booze in one hand, and the whip in the other.
Harry- Dude what are you for halloween? a drunken slave master?

Jason- No dude, I'm Harrison Forty
#harrison ford #40 #beer #indiana jones #halloween
by GTharry October 09, 2009
A person, not necessarily of the Jewish faith, who never buys or throws down money for alcohol, but ends up drinking it anyway.
Harry-"Yo Jewson, you throwing down any money for booze?"

Jewson- "Naw man"

Harry- "dont drink it then beer jew"
#beer #jew #alcohol #jewish #liquor
by GTharry October 07, 2009
When a dude working at Chick Fil A, gives you only potato wedges in your medium fry. You know, the fries that suck. You get atleast 4 of them for every medium fry.
Jason- Dude that prick only gave me potato wedges...mother fucker

harry- fuck this prick-fil-a

jason- lets go to the one on 29, fuck 78.
#chick fil a #fries #fast food #georgia #gwinnett
by GTharry October 09, 2009
A bro that does not give a FUCK about anything. He deals or has dealt drugs before (mainly marijuana), must be in school, college, or graduated. Listens to rap most of the time but still loves the badass rock songs of the 90s. You love getting pussy, so you party and drink heavily. You love football but you think soccer and frisbee are gay as shit.
Harry-Dude darian bryant told the teacher to fuck a dick today. it was badass.

jason- damn what a bro-pac
#tupac #bro #guy #dude #pussy
by GTharry October 12, 2009
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