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2 definitions by GTRicky

1. Noun. A cheap metal board with several cheap magnets scattered all over it with simple to 'witty' words such as slather. Used to make poetry, or sexual innuendos
2. What dirty, smelly pot smoking hippies chant off and expect everyone to think they are original.
Bob: Dude, check out the board. Pure Magnetic Poetry.
Richard: "Girl...mouth...ed...plump...popsicle"?

Hippy: I thought over, about, solitary peach moon who floop as giggle.
Stoner: Word.
by GTRicky July 12, 2010
1. The thousand dollars given to people on Wheel of Fortune who don't solve any puzzles.
2. Any reward, award, or recognition going to someone in a competition who has not actually earned it.
The boy who placed last in the competition got a "participant" trophy as his pity grand.
by gtricky May 12, 2014