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A virtual prophylactic to be provided to those internet users who make excessive use of 'emoticons'. Like a 'condom' the emoticondom should be used to shield others from the continuous stream of emoticons coming from your keyboard.

Original web use:
Escape Velocity Magazine V1 ebook pg.32, c.2007

First twitter use:
7:06 AM Jun 24th, 2009 via TweetDeck
Chat Example:
user a: 8)
user b: Can I help you?
user a: 8====(3
user b: Sorry?
user a: \(^_^)/
user b: Someone please get this idiot an emoticondom before something gets on my face.

I need an "emoticondom" today. I will not use the smiley, winky, googly, or the homer simpson emoticon today. Ok... maybe Homer. ( 8(1)
by GScratch July 23, 2009
When a perfect stranger offers a compliment on your MAD parenting skills.
You brought play-doh for the kids to use while waiting for their kids meal at a restaurant? THAT'S GENIUS! Other people bring iPads that get broken or drowned in chocolate milk!

Wow... thanks for the mompliment!
by GScratch August 18, 2014
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