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1 definition by GROMkill

tool is a very versatile, insulting name. synonymous with the word douche, a tool is a guy, or possibly a girl, who has an obvious negative character trait. this can be said about a known person, or about an unknown person, i.e. during peoplewatching.

the negative character trait can be anything from wearing something stupid, to being way overconfident, to being a jerk.

Variations include: toolbag, toolbox, toolbelt
(guy walks past with uggs on and a pink v-neck)
Me: That guy looks like a tool. Check out his douchebag-status uggs and pink v.

(speaking about a friend who ditched me for the 'popular gang')
Me: Wow, John is such a tool. He think he's so popular and badass.

(speaking about a fellow peer who hit his girlfriend during a fight)
Me: Wtf, Joe freakin' hit his girlfriend today! I hereby declare he is a huge tool.
by GROMkill July 26, 2009
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