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Warriors of the North, that beat the living fuck out of the christians during the medieval times. Vikings are massive burly bearded men, usually armed wiht swords or axes, that like to drink, fight, and rape christian whores. Weak, modern men are a disgrace of utmost disgust, compared to the mighty vikings.
"Hail Thor!" roared the berzerker Viking as he raised his axe and swung down, chopping a christian's head clean in half, splattering brains all over his blade, arm and face.
by GROMM August 08, 2004
Warriors are men and woman that are fearless, strong and skill fighters that are lacking in our modern times.
The Vikings were true warriors.
by GROMM March 24, 2005
One who realizes that all societal and moral values are baseless, and sees no point to anything.
Live in the moment, don't bother dwelling on the past, or hoping for a future... it doesn't matter.
by GROMM February 10, 2005
Industrial metal band that started out being a boderline Death metal band in 1991. Their vocalist, Burton Bell, was the first to introduce both death metal growling and switching to clean vocals. Fear Factory evolved into a sharper, more aggressive sound, and progressed from death metal to industrial with hints of techno here and there. They focus on how humankind is too addicted to technology to the point of being helpless without it, and see technology as the eventual downfall of humanity.
Demanufacture and Obsolete are good albums by Fear Factory.
by GROMM March 27, 2005
A man who does not want to take it anymore, the everyday bullshit of life got to him. Now, you're all gonna pay!
The Postal Dude got pissed off, and slaughtered Paradise City. He said, "You probably thought you weren't gonna die today... Surprise!"
by GROMM July 23, 2004
One that disreguards all that is not inherent to reality, and isn't fearing of death, though does not seek it. Nihilists have a tendency to love nature and detest concrete and plastic.
Death is the only certainty in life, therefore, giving life meaning.
by GROMM May 01, 2005
Norse god of Thunder. He is described as immense, enormously built with a big red beard, clad in leather and mail, wearing a belt of strength, and iron gauntlets. He wields an unstoppable hammer, Mjolnir, and he fought giants and all who opposed his people. Likes to drink mjod and smash christians with his hammer.
Thor will kick your ass and smash you into a pulpy mess with his hammer.
by GROMM February 11, 2005

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