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When your really fucked on mathadrone you and a group of friends agree to a race.
Yo Phil, Lets have a race round the block... Fuck Fully hes not part of this methtahalon since he screwed his friends over!
by GRF10 December 15, 2010
A man that has no banter of his own, so steals other peoples urban dictionary quotes!!
"Yo Phil JRF 17 seriously has no banter.. he stole 'regrettamin' from me yesterday bro"

Phil: "Me too, he had 'mine line' off me, we need to teach him a lesson"
by GRF10 December 15, 2010
When you text a 'so called friend' a funny quote for urban dictionary and he puts it on there before you have chance.
"Yo Phil... Fully completely done me over yesterday bro he urban jacked my word man!"

Phil: "He completely urban jacked me the other day aswell!! God that boy has no banter"
by GRF10 December 15, 2010
When really fucked on chang (cocaine) and get into bed its the really long drawn out wank you have to get yourself to sleep.
Geez, i got in bed lat night i swear to god i was changkin for at least half hour.. slept like a baby after tho!
by GRF10 December 15, 2010
When you take the new famous drug 'meow meow' and get a little angry instead of growling like a dog you.. it's called meowling like a destressed tabby.
Fully you were definitly meowling last night dude! you sounded as tho you were being shagged by tabby cat bro!!
by GRF10 December 20, 2010
When your so fuck on Methodrone that you clean your hole house because you can't sit still.
Yo, Fully I was so off my head on the drone last night i swear i tunred into methy poppings. My house is glistening dude.
by GRF10 December 09, 2010

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