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A country in south-eastern Europe has produced some of the finest and most respected mathematicians, inventors, historians, writers, doctors, architects, warriors and artists in history. This is due to the marvellous innovations and accomplishments made in the ancient times. Siegecraft is considered as one of Greek invention as the catapult, mechanised bows and siege towers. In modern times Greece still continues with the innovative spirit regardless of what others may choose to believe.

Such achievements has provoked certain individuals to undermine these achievements to over-compensate for their inferiority complex or they just mimic because they might believe those with inferiority complexes.
Average Brit: "The ancient Greeks were gay they said that they used to love men..." *smiles*
Average Greek: *confused* "yeah thats fucked up..."
Well spoken Greek: "So if we say we love our Father, Uncle, Brother, Cousin, Son, Nephew and best friend we are total fags?"
Average Brit: "oh.....no hard feelings hey..? lets go watch the football together.."

Casanova wannabe Italian: "You know you Greeks invented sex but we were the ones that show it to the women."
Average Greek: "whatever bro."
Well spoken Greek: "We dont usually refer to the sheep as women."
CWI: *Pretending that some chick who is obsessed with him is calling him even though the backlight stays off.*

Turk in the mood to bully some Greeks: "We fucked you you are now our children."
Average Greek: *laughs dismissingly*
Well spoken Greek: "We still look European you dont look East Asian anymore.. hello little one.."
TITMTBSG: *Goes to bully the Armenians*

An egotistic Chinese/Japanese/Korean: "If 1.5 Billion of us were piss at the same time Greece will be flooded."
Average Greek: *Is thinking what the Well spoken Greek is thinking*
Well spoken Greek: "If 25 million of us world wide were to aim our sperm to where you are at your next generation will look nothing like you."
An egotistic Chinese/Japanese/Korean: *Goes to hassle the Americans.*
by GREECE4EVA November 20, 2009

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