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A points system used on the Xbox 360. Often abbreviated as just 'G'. Every Xbox 360 game has "achievements" and when you unlock these achievements you will get a certain amount of gamerscore.
For example, one achievement on Gears of War is called "Commando" and you unlock this when you complete the game on the hardest difficulty. It is worth 30G.
Your Gamerscore is shown on your Gamercard.
"Wow look at that guy with no life - he's got 100,000G!!"

"What a loser - he's boosting on games just for the Gamerscore!"
by GOWking December 15, 2007
An "online identity" used on Xbox Live to show information about you, such as your Rep and your Gamertag.
Your Gamertag, Gamerscore, Rep, Gamerzone, Motto, Name and Location are all shown on your Gamercard.
by GOWking December 15, 2007
Refers to Pro Evolution Soccer, a series of football games on most consoles. Rivals FIFA games. Also known as Pro Evo or PES.

FIFA 08 > PES 2008
Pro Ev gets pwnz0rd by Fifa.
by GOWking December 15, 2007
A picture used on your Xbox Live gamercard
If you unlock the 'Seriously...' achievement on Gears of War you get a free Gamerpic.
by GOWking December 15, 2007

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