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6 definitions by GORF

When a male is subjected to forcible sodomy.
After only a week in prison, Mark had been manraped by all the inmates in his cell block.
by gorf February 21, 2003
A singles bar/restaraunt in Southwest Florida.
"Dude, what are you up to tonight."

"I don't know for sure, but I think we're gonna go over to NipplesNDicks for a beer or two."
by Gorf May 23, 2005
an italian chink.
Will Cimino
by gorf April 11, 2003
Fancy Ass Varsity Swimmers - Varsity Swimmers that believe that their position as an athlete makes them better than good old regular folk and because they are superior beings, it is unacceptable to allow lesser people and athletes to receive the same treatment and privileges that they do.
The FAVS laughed at the club swimmers when they had to leave the pool because the varsity team needed to practice.

The club athletes tried to eat in the same dining hall as the FAVS but were removed on sight.
by GORF February 22, 2012
One who gorfs. See gorf.
I am an avid gorfee. I take ten hundred zillion billion trillion requests a night. by the way, that comes out to one schlong per a second, I'm quick, huh?
by Gorf April 10, 2003
when a chick gives deepthroat
by gorf April 10, 2003