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Can be used for many different things, like an expression of happiness, anger, salutation, goodbye, dismay, or even melancholy or even comedy. It is pronounced "fish poke". Coming from "fish" meaning woo and "polk" meaning insanity. It is also some kind of word that is featured in Barbie Girl in German.
Lisa: I won the lottery
Lago: Fish Polk!!!

Lisa: I broke your piggy bank on your dog.
Lago: Fish Polk!!!

Lisa: I saw this hamster today and he ran into the wall.
Lago: Fish Polk :(

Lisa: I disappointed you today at school.
Lago: Fish Polk

Lisa: Today, my sister went to the spa and they waxed off her whole eyebrow!
Lago: haha FISH POLK haha

Lisa: Hi lago.
Lago: Fish polk.
by GOOOGOOOGAAAGAAA September 16, 2007
A magical mermaid the rivals the extreme coolness of Ariel from the Little mermaid. This mermaid was discovered by the famous explorer/laundramat owner named Lake Deer. She was discovered in a pool. She has really large lips, really, really, large. They are so large that sometimes they get in the way of things, like in the process of eating or drinking or even sleeping. Schmerial enjoys crawling along the beach, swimming, chatting with her father, and playing in the depths of hell which she often travels to. Schmerial has an odd voice which can travel very large distances. She likes dolphins because they swim with her to the grocery store. Schmerial is slimy but has a highly pertrusive beauty about her aura. Everybody loves schmerial, except when she is running amock. Then everbody does not love schmerial so much. Also, everybody does not love schmerial as much when she has to remove her fin for surgery
Lisa:What is that thing in the pool?

Lago: Why, that's Schmerial.

Lisa: Oh, well are you hungry?

Lago: Yeah

Lisa: Wanna make some eggs?

Lago: yeah i would like that, as long as there is salt and pepper in the house.

Lisa: yeah there is

Lago: good thing

Lisa: yep. i saw schmerial once before
by GOOOGOOOGAAAGAAA September 16, 2007

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