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a guido no life italian who spends most of his time making fun of Caputo aka bluebird. takes most of his time in the bathroom making a blowout or taking myspace pictures. all around great american and hates lil wayne and Jamer F Baby and was beat up by fighter516.
wow all ive done is look in the mirror, make fun of caputo and play xbox all day, i feel like sucha borzi!
by Godisjewish July 04, 2008
A squaky kid similar to a jew or a bluebird. often lacks friends and is considered by most birdwatchers to be a no life. spends his time taking pictures of himself in his room or bathroom and sees how he gets gayer over the years.
haha look at that no life, What a Joe Caputo
by GodisJewish July 10, 2008
a toolshed jack in the box that has no life and takes photos of himself being a modern tool or taking his quad for a walk around his yard. One who wishes they could wear aviators and cant get enough of brandon opitz.
look at that jamer even joe caputo wont be friends with him
by GODisjewish June 29, 2008
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