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A high school located in Berkeley Heights, NJ. There are like 8 black kids that go there, most of which either play football or try and act gangster just cause there black, even though they have just as much money as everyone else because they live in this rich ass town. The rest of the school including teachers is all white except for the other minority of Asians and fat gay dikes. Most of the sports teams are garbage and don't win at all. There is a division of smart kids, jocks, and druggies. basically your either smart or into drugs cause there's absolutely nothing to do in this town. You either study, practice sports, or smoke pot and dip. The seniors all think their cool cause they drive 2 minutes away from the school and go to subway ( wow way cool, NOT). Kids are so dam spoiled they drive BMWs and Mercedes to school (Wow they get dinged everyday in the parking lot cause kids are such shitty drivers). All the school funds go to the football team even they fucken suck and dont ever win. To sum this school all up it blows big dick and breeds the worst bitchy mean spoiled WASP people ever known to this Earth. Avoid at all costs.
Regular High School Kid: I just moved to Berkeley Heights and now i am going to attend Governor Livingston High school

Towney: That place blows go to some other school everyone there smokes pot and acts gangster even though there far from poor.
by GL HONORS STUDENT September 17, 2009
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