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the sad shitty pathetic excuse for paintball. airsoft players and their "550 fps" shooting guns need to get a life and see. Airsoft is a ... (well not a sport. but kinda like what little kids do with nerf guns) and you need to see that it has no industry you are the only fag who plays it and the day i see an airsoft player get paid 20$ let alone 100,000 to play i'll hang myself
"I've owned paintball players with my airsoft gun!"
"wtf do u set infants on a field with a marker?! paintball guns are mad fast airsoft guns are mad ghey the honor system is what really fuels it... its the solid stone evidence you have that you hit that guy and you should be the winner of the game. go kill yourself queer"
by GKY September 19, 2006

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