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n. (fuht-buh-ker)

One who fucks butts. Same as butt fucker but the first letters are switched. Usually referring to gay men.
That Timmy boy down the road is a real futtbucker.
by GINGABR3AD March 03, 2007
v. (Spih-zuhl-wack)

To use spit as a lubercant to wack off.
To use human saliva as a lubercant to masturbate.

Spizzlewacker - n. (spih-zuhl-wack-ur)
One who spizzlewacks himself.
Yo Betsy, get over here and gimme another spizzlewack, and I will shit on your chest and wipe it around with my feet!...(what?)
by GINGABR3AD March 03, 2007

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