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22 definitions by GIGGLES

V. To own, Pwnage, Pwned ect.
(you are) Pwned.
by Giggles November 18, 2002
n. Elite
! r 31337
by Giggles November 18, 2002
name of the guy that I barely know and dont know what to believe yet have feeling for. He is a tagger a writer and bball player. Straight up hip hop!
He looks good too!!
Juno and Tiko went tagging
Imma Nancy you Tiko!
by Giggles May 14, 2004
Them annoying purple guys in San Andreas. SHOOT ALL BALLERS!
Yo i cant compleat San Andreas, keep on gettin shot by them ballers.
by GIGGLES March 06, 2005
Coating on bullets so they can go through bulletproof vests, not to be mistaken for fryingpans.

The word teflon has changed into a word for bulletproof vest, so if you hear rap lyrics like " strap my teflon on" it does'nt mean he has put a fryingoan on.
! dont wanna get shot on the street. Put ya teflon on then!
by GIGGLES May 03, 2005
A very sad game that if you play you morph into a nerd. Diablo 2 is probably the worst game ever infact i think we should burn all diablo 2's and kill the makers! any one with me?
jim: hay giggles want to play d2?
giggles: *slaps jim and steals d2 and burns it*
by GIGGLES May 02, 2005
A bag in which certain individuals keep their feces when they are not able to use the restroom.
Hold on, I think my duesch bag is full.
by Giggles November 11, 2003