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A female Philippine citizen
I saw a lot of filipinas in that Asian club
by GI Bro June 08, 2004
Abrivation for Government Issue, commonly used to refer to soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines.
The US has GIs spread out all over the world.
by GI Bro June 13, 2004
A soldier's best friend in Korea, especially when they are on lockdown and can't go off post to get drunk in the club
You can mix soju with anything (Kool-aid, coke, etc) and if you don't say anything you can get someone tore-up drunk without them even knowing why!
by GI Bro September 26, 2004
1. A horse

2. A popular car made by Ford

3. A club outside of Camp Casey, Korea that has no drinky girls in it but US soldiers still love to go to on Friday and Saturday nights
1. I haven't seen a purebred mustang in years.

2. My next car's gonna be a Mustang.

3. PVT Snuffy got his ass beat in the Mustang again last night.
by GI Bro June 18, 2004
A machete originally used in the Philippines.
Pass me that bolo so I can chop some grass
by GI Bro July 21, 2004
A clause in an GI's contract allowing the government to hold you past your ETS date for war or other national emergencies to keep your unit at or near 100% strength. In the case of a deployment they can hold you up to 90 days after redeployment but a Liutenant Colonel or higher can release you earlier if you finish outprocessing sooner than 90 days. It's simular to stop movement but that stops you from PCSing to another unit.
Stop loss wasn't even thought about a few years ago to new recruits and now thousands of soldiers in the army cant go home on thier ETS dates because they're either facing a one year tour to Iraq or Afganistan soon or they're already over there
by GI Bro July 11, 2004
Permanent Change of Station. Not to be confused with redeployment, which is what troops returning to their home station do after a deployment to Iraq, Afganistan, or another hot spot outside the US (Germany, Japan, Italy, and Korea are Permant Duty stations, not deployments)
Private Snuffy was stationed in Korea but after one year he PCSed to Fort Bragg.
by GI Bro July 11, 2004
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