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1:To be all the shit and a bag of chips, you must be better than the best, the shit, all that

2: To think you are all the shit and a bag of chips, but really are an obnoxious idiotic sheen/tool Coined in Toronto

1:woah, that car is all the shit and a bag of chips!

2:God, my boss thinks she's all the shit and a bag of chips just cause she can tell people what to do. But she really doesn't even know what she's doing
#the shit #bag of chips #the best #sheen #tool
by GHtool July 18, 2006
The stupidity that hides deep inside everyone. However, some people expose their inner stupidity very often or all the time.

Especially funny when people with good marks say or do something incredibly stupid and retarded
George Bush has shown his inner stupidity so many times that it has become his external stupidity.

"Smart Person": the band is called "foo Fighters"???? i thought it was called "food frowers"!!! hehe
#idiot #stupid #tool #blonde #inner blonde
by GHtool July 12, 2006
Someone who wears their pants extraordinarily high and is an all-round nerd/n00b etc. High-pitched annoying whine is caused by pants-induced trauma to the nutsacs generally uses lame, childish, stale comebacks
normalperson:You damn hitch-up fix your pants before your voice makes everyone deaf!
hitch-up: make me *sticks out toungue*
#nerd #n00b #stale #whine #childish
by GHtool July 11, 2006
1:one who is lacking in mental capabilities or sanity
2:one who is technically intelligent but can not control inner stupidity or inner blonde
3:military officer incapable of understanding given information or correctly using task procedures, leading to misdirected, misplaced cadets or soldiers
4:a band
sane person: woah, take it easy tool!

TOOL2:ummm i dont know, but i dont know! see it makes sense yesterday, but not today!
sane person2: so much for your 95% average! maybe you should dye your hair blonde

LtCol Nobrain: So Sgt Bloggins, where is everyone else?
Sgt Bloggins: Well ma'am, you told them to go north, and uh there's a shark infested ocean to the north
LtCol Nobrain: is that bad?
#idiot #blonde #stupidity #newb #challenged
by GHtool July 12, 2006
1: Typical nerd of Chinese or Asian descent, characterised by very poor, broken English spoken with an incomprehesible accent; higher than average IQ; pants that are too high etc...

2: idiot, nerd, tool, moron, one who possesses overall gross lameness

Origin: French word for China (Chine)
1:Fix your pants before you do my homework you sheen!

2:God Shane, stop being such a sheen!
#nerd #tool #chinese #moron #hitch-up #foreign
by GHtool July 11, 2006
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