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When you rusty trombone a Siberian Huskie, then a fat lady takes a dump into the load of cum, then you mix together the conconction and freeze the mixture. Then you proceed to take the frozen mixture and use a condom as a slingshot to shoot it into someone's anus from a distance of no less than 150 yards.
DJ shot a Siberian Slingshot and it missed and got Jason in the eye.
#slingshot #siberian #poop #cum #dogs
by GHB21 October 04, 2008
See Siberian Slingshot, but instead of firing mixture towards any direction you must fire it in the direction of Russia.
Turn west so I can Palin Express your ass!
#palin express #ass #siberian slingshot #cum #dogs
by GHB21 October 04, 2008
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