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Generally being a douche bag
Wankiness: When your mate scores a goal in soccer (or something) then proceeds to do a back flip in front of everyone to show how cool he is.
by GGGGS May 04, 2013
A sport involving the combination of flips and kicks from a number of tumbling and martial art disciplines to create a display full of interesting movements that would make any conventional athlete disgusted. Despite the sports ability to be awesome, generally it is associated with poor technique, uncleanliness and wankiness.
Overheard during a Tricking session at the gym
Tricker: "Bro did you just see my awesome triple cork?"
Gymnast: "Yea man, it was almost like a layout with 3/1 twist. Except that your knees were bent, your toes weren't pointed and you rotated off-axis. Did you see my punch double front?"
Tricker: "Pretty sure that's impossible bro."
by GGGGS May 04, 2013

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