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The kind of all filth, gluttony, and stupidity. He still roams the earth, conquering as many buffet lines and rancid whores as possible. Avoid him at all cost, for your life is at risk whenever he is near.
Once, pig child and his pig devoured a family size box of frozen lasagna in one sitting.

Pig child's ultimate accomplishment is being so lazy that he failed to get up to use the bathroom, so he just shit on the couch where he laid.
by GG January 24, 2004
Dictionary with more uber.
This is a uberdictionary.
by GG September 29, 2003
A type of brown coin with abe lincolns face so that the government can get your finger prints...
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(point less)
by gg April 10, 2004
A Pure And Utter Sex God Who Rules The Planet
by gg October 07, 2003
Soap made by the chinese!
I have 10 bag of wonton soap!
by gg December 08, 2003
the meal that is suppose to be between 6 am and 12 pm. Anything after that is called brunch.
I got up real early so I could eat breakfast today.
by GG January 26, 2005
Have Creed (the band) like qualities.
Man, he is so creedy.
by GG September 29, 2003
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