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James Hetfield put an ad in the local newspaper called "The recycler" for a heavy metal band. As did lars ulrich.
Then they met up. and became One of the most celebrated and talented metal groups of the eighties, defining thrash and metal music all together with their roaring guitar. Blistering fast solos, And they're thumping bass and drums. Them, along with Slayer, Pantera, and Iron Maiden helped bring The music to a much higher level. Starting with "Kill 'em All" featuring the well known tracks, "Seek and Destroy", "No remorse", "Whiplash", And "the four horsemen". Soon followed Ride the lightning, which was an instant classic with all of its heavy melodies and lightning fast solos. And then, Came the album that i think defined Metallica better then anything else of their creation. Master of Puppets.
This album featured "Battery", And the crowd favorite and title track, Master of puppets. But on the master of puppets tour, tragedy struck, And Metallica's tour bus slid on the infamous "black ice" and rolled. And killed Their bassist. cliff Burton. After his death, Metallica refused to be called Metallica. Or even a band in general. Until they found Jason Newsted. And he filled the shoes of cliff as well as anyone could.then, they made "...And justice for all". Which in my eyes. Was their last great album. They utilized Kirk's Ability to play classic. With modern day metal. which made this usurp all their other albums in record time.
Then, Around 1990, They had a vision for the fifth metallica album. Nicknamed "black" . A Self titled compilation featuring "Enter sandman", and "wherever i may roam". Which were pretty much the only decent tracks.
After This, they made "Load". Which featured tracks such as "Aint my bitch". Which is my favorite off that album. "King nothing", And "Until it sleeps". But this album wasn't metal. It was more Hard Rock.
Then came Re-load. An album with tracks that didn't make it onto Load. My favorite would be "fuel". It was just excellent. But that was the only song i liked.

After Re-load, Came easily their worst music ever. With St. anger. This Cd got people's hopes up with the single "St anger". Which was decent. But then with tracks like frantic and other stuff. People grew to hate it. And they realized, that the band known as metallica. will soon be no more

But thanks for your beautiful music. RIP cliff burton. Thank you jason newsted. And rob trujillo. Suck my dick!
Me: Hey, what metallica DVD should i get "Live shit, binge and purge", Or "Cunning stunts"?
Friend: I'd get live shit. Cunning stunts made my eyes tear when i heard james's voice.
Me: Allright, Anyways. On live shit, Jason newsted sings "seek and destroy"! how fucking metal is that??!
Friend: Now you see why i love him so much
James Hetfeild- Vox and Rhythm Guitar
Kirk Hammet- Lead Guitar
Jason newsted- Ex bassist
Cliff burton-Ex bassist. Rest in peace brother, Rest In peace.
Lars ulrich- Drummer
by GDOGDOG October 07, 2006

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