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A fanatic of the punk rock band Green Day;
There are four types:

Old Fan: Liked Green Day since 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours; since the early 90s.

New Fans: Liked Green Day since they heard Nimrod or Warning:

American Idiot Fans: The fans who tend to 'type lyekk diz'; only know of Green Day as 'that hawwt billy jo'. Like Green Day after the release of American Idiot and cannot name a song on Dookie. Also known as poseur.

Real Fans: The fans who might have been around in the Dookie era, or maybe just heard of Green Day with the release of American Idiot; these type of fans are the fans that, whichever era they started liking Green Day, are obsessed. These are the fans that know every single song on every single album and all the lyrics.

Real Green Day fans are those who stick around, even though Green Day is now mainstream; the ones who respect Green Day and are proud of their fame.
Old Green Day Fan: "I saw Green Day play at Gilman 16 years ago. They were awesome."
New Green Day Fan: "After hearing Dookie, I love Green Day!"
American Idiot Green Day Fan: "Oh em gee. Billy jo is uber sekzi."
Real Green Day Fan: "I wish I was around when Green Day played at Gilman.."
by GD.Anonymous April 22, 2006

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