14 definitions by GB

Short for "stupid." Can also be written "'pid."

Probably first used in "The Onion." Shortened version of "stupid" useful for persons who need to use this adjective frequently.
That Prince Harry was so pid prancing around in a Nazi uniform.
by gb January 17, 2005
A different way of saying "thank you".
Person1: That looks great man!
Person2: Tanky! :)
by GB March 15, 2005
To acknowledge someone. To make ones presence known.
I gave my girls a shout out at the party.
by GB April 02, 2003
A famous group of morale captains at the University of Michigan's Dance Marathon 2005
Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!
by GB March 21, 2005
unprotected sex between a rapper and an under-age groupie.
"It was just thug love, y'all!" R. Kelly exclaimed to the reporters.
by gb January 22, 2003
a small cluth purse, used by males of indeterminate sexuality
He left his MANBAG behind the bar while he danced with his boyfriend
by GB October 15, 2003
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