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1 definition by G.LateSpring<3

A white person who either pretends or wants to be an American Indian. They get their pictures taken with plastic shamans and wear colored feathers in their hair. Also, they do rename themselves. Names like Chasing Rainbows, and Spirit of the White Wolf. Sometimes more serious names. They love to insult actual Indians, saying "Oh, you don't look Indian" or "I add my 14th vision quest today, wha's yours?" They're usually like 1/16 Indian, less, or maybe none at all. They always buy the Billabong or Hurley shirts with tribal patterns on them, and have dreamcatchers everywhere. Liscense plates feature over-muscled men with feathers in their hair. Beware of twinkie households, you can bet there is a fur rug and Indian paintings everywhere. Twinkies---annoying as hell.
Kelly: "Hey, Emmy and Steph! Last night I hung out with my grandma's best friend, Mrs. Falling Rocks, and we had a blast! She is amazing! She can speak her native language and she taught me a few words and gave me this feather and...." blah..etc.
Steph: ""
Emmy: "What a twinkie."
by G.LateSpring<3 April 28, 2010
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