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Easy access free e-mail where you can pick your own 'starring' pathetic name such as "bustysetofdoubleD's" or "mrwellendowed". A majority of NORMAL PEOPLE use it because its easy, fast, efficient, and familiar. Any other than the reasons listed would be a fucking JOKE. Literally.

1."Oh heyyy....." "I've got hotmail so that means I'm hot...."

2."My hotmail was free AND EASY as hell to use." God I'm excited."
by G.I.Lane September 03, 2008
to fcuk. A LOT.
"I guess I'm considered a slut,whore,etc becuz I like to fcuk-a-lot"
by G.I.Lane September 03, 2008
day of birth. the end~.
my birth date happens to be on the 16th so STFU NOOB
by G.I.Lane November 24, 2008
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