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v. To drop a deuce so foul, so unspeakably wretched and so disgusting that the bathroom is off limits for at least half the day.
Dude, Jimmy went out last night and got annihilated drunk and then stopped and got a burrito while stumbling home. Now the bathroom is quarantined, seriously, don't go near there.
by G.I. Nigel March 26, 2010
adj. When you spend a day marathon drinking, from noon or possibly even the morning until late into the evening stopping only to eat small meals.
Check out Billy, he's been drinking everything in sight since 11:00 AM. Whiskey, wine, beer you name it. He's not just getting drunk, he's getting Hemingway drunk!
by G.I. Nigel March 26, 2010
n. A species of usually college aged girls from the state of Arizona who tend to infest Southern California whenever the heat becomes unbearable in the desert. The Arizona sun gives them their lobster complexion and they spend their vacations driving badly, getting shitbag wasted in clubs and crowding California beaches.
It's spring break in San Diego, let's go bag some Tucson lobsters!
by G.I. Nigel August 25, 2010
n. The tunes you take with you to listen to on a long road trip whether they be in CD or MP3 format.
Hey bring me that stack of Stones, Allman Brothers and Skynyrd CDs over there, I'm heading cross country tomorrow and need my roadtrack.
by G.I. Nigel August 26, 2010

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