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(n) The airborne reminants of a massive explosiion, usually dust and debris blasted high into the atmosphere. In the case of vulcanos it is usually ash or superheated pumace, and it falls back to earth as acid rain, over a widespread area. Also used to describe the ash and radioactive debris that falls back to earth from a nuclear mushroom cloud.
1. Pompeii was covered by vulcanic fallout from Mt. Vesuvious.

2. I built a fallout shelter during the cold war when I thought the Russians were gonna nuke us.

by G.H.Hadden January 04, 2006
1. (n) A burrowing nocturnal carnivorous marsupial (Sarcophilus harrisii) of Tasmania, having a predominantly blackish coat and a long, almost hairless tail. So named for its distinctive red eyes, ferocious temperament, and distinctive growl that sounds like a demon possessed.

2. (name) A Looney Tunes cartoon character, an oafish slobbering gibbering beast able to devour everything in its path, travels like a whirling dervish, and is often seen pulling a temper tantrum at Bugs Bunny.
1. That Tasmanian Devil looks like a demon posessed.
2. Bugs Bunny thinks the Tasmanian Devil is such a maroon.
by G.H.Hadden December 24, 2005
1 (n) A machine that clears snow from a surface by collecting a swath of snow and projecting it forcefully through a chute. Also called snow thrower.
My snow blower is at the shop for repairs again.
by G.H.Hadden December 24, 2005
1. (canadian usage) short for a snow blower, a machine used to clear snow from roads or driveways.
God damn it! There's 20 CM of snow on the ground and my blower is in the shop again!
by G.H.Hadden December 24, 2005

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