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She is so rad, dude. She is original and made a great comeback this year. What now!?HOLLAAAAAAA!
Me:"Dude, Nelly Furtado is so cool."
Someone else:"PSSSSH HECK YES SHE IS!"
by G.Davis November 19, 2006
An ignorant someimes politically incorrect person who yells when he gets excited. He is so lame. He looks like East LA trash.
Carlos Mencia is so lame. He sucks and he doesn't make me laugh.
by G.Davis November 19, 2006
the hoodie covering the head of your weenie so that when it rains your weenie isn't even aware of it and it feels good when it slides back and forth : )
i envy my weenie on rainy days because it never forgets his hoodie at home like i do, darn!...penis hoodie
by G.Davis May 05, 2008
Something barbaric and unnecessary some parents do to their little boys because they enjoy mutilating kids
"I am stupid and evil because because I think circumcision is alright"
by G.Davis November 19, 2006

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