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35 definitions by G-Union 2

The worst, hardest-working, most intense day of the week. The second day based on the Greek Calendar and the First based on the working cshedule. Means the Day of the Moon.
by G-Union 2 August 05, 2004
Arnold Schwarzenegger Guest Voice:
(N.) Something you tell to tiny, girly men who donnut hava ze Big Arms cause they are weak, spineless girly men and I das run them over in my Christmas Blockbuster Hit, "JINGLE ALL THE WAY!!!"
"Please Flinch, Girly Man."
Do Not Don't Flinch.
by G-Union 2 November 12, 2004
(N.) The Chicken Fight of Nov. 5th (at 10pm on DirecTV Channel 348) involving, TC "The Golden Boy" Chicken and Spicy, "The Red Riot" Chicken.

(I wonder if they know that Burger King is just going to eat them after their Publicity Stunt is over?)
SpicyTenderCrisp applied a strangle hold to TenderCrisp at the ten minute mark, but the Ref reversed the decision and TC retained his world title over Spicy, who really wanted to step out of the shadow of TC.
by G-Union 2 November 12, 2004
(N.) Something concocted by Commericalism jerks in order to sell or promote a big project in secrecy. PS'es pull at your heart right before they dig their fists into it and yank it out of you as you watch with your last, dying breath. (Remeber the 80's: Incredible FlyMan? No? Well then, good!) DON'T fall for Publicity Stunts!
by G-Union 2 November 10, 2004
(N.) A cheesy Exclamation used at Basketball Games by idiots to make people feel like they have really accomplished something.
"Three-Pointer! Boom Shacka Lacka!"
by G-Union 2 November 10, 2004
(N.) A WB melodrama (That replaced The WB's Angel) that chronicles the life of a young boy who will become President of the United States in 2041. It's.... meh.
Only The WB can combine Politics and Sluts drunkenly making out at rave Party.
by G-Union 2 November 12, 2004
(N.) Another Word for "Canceled by November."

(see, Jake 2.0 and Method and Red.)
Just because soemthing is "All 3D Lookin'" like Shrek, doesn't mean the writing will be Emmy-Worthy.
by G-Union 2 November 12, 2004