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The most overrated basketball school since their championship in 2001. Most recently, last year, heading into a game with Maryland, both teams had the same record, similar Strength of schedule, same conference record. The only difference was, Maryland had beaten Duke earlier in the year, BUT, Duke was ranked 14 and Maryland was unranked. Of course, Maryland dominated as they have done in most all of the head to head games since 2001. I have never met a heterosexual male Duke fan, but how can you blame them, if I went to Duke I'd probably end up with a guy too considering the quality of women attending the school.
Maryland fan-Hey did you watch the game the other night?
Duke University fan- No, I was too busy having gay sex. Who won?
Maryland fan- The team with the better head coach, Gary Williams.
by G-UNIT7 November 19, 2007

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